A 23-year-old man, born in the city of Petroșani; a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Liverpool (UK) and a current student of the Faculty of Management in Petroșani and the Faculty of Sustainable Architecture in Cardiff (UK), he wants to put his shoulder to the work and use his knowledge and experiences his period as a young artist and entrepreneur, towards creating a platform as stable and sustainable as possible, at a socio-professional level for young music enthusiasts. A hyper-active person, he found himself in electronic music as a child and managed to get more and more involved, and in 2019 he will be the co-founder of the TRIDENTIC EVENTS brand. Since then, he has continued to gain more experience in organizing events in the music industry with Mihai Tantos and the Tridentic team.
Robert’s experience in the music industry is made up of coordinating events from the Tridentic brand, such as: The awakening of the sleeping lands, We cand do more from Home, Weekend Deffender, Tridenitc, Dj workshop.