OPEN Music Agency wants to bring the love of music in Romania to a whole new level. Our area of development is the entire music industry which has it’s own artistic, professional and business components. Of course, the institutions that help the creation, distribution and promotion of music play an important role.

Our agency is a bold initiative towards the growth of the entire music industry which includes everything from artists, companies, record labels, festivals, recording studios, services, manufacturers, distributors, organizers, institutions, to local authorities operating in the region.

Our main goal is to unite all regional musical activities and offer the best possible experience to the true beneficiary, the public. We are eager to contribute through our initiative to the growth of the cultural, touristic and economic segments of Romania.




Born in Hunedoara, ZO has been active in the bass music scene for 5 years as a promoter before finally deciding to enter the realm of djing. Dub, reggae,dubstep and bass music are the trademarks of his style, blended for the pleasure of the dancing crowd.


It all started out of passion for music ... And now, combining work with pleasure, passion has become a career.

Entering the branch at the beginning of 2004, Waren began to offer good mood and to bring positive energy to the public in Cluj-Napoca, in the country, but also abroad. The art of mixing has been taught by his good friend DJ JONNESSEY, who has directly set his career in this field. Following the DJ courses and being very dedicated, he has earned his living by working with several profile companies. And recently he has set up his own business in this area.


5HA5H (Arnold János Szabó) has been a Drum & Bass enthusiast since 2007. Back then, ‘Spor - The Eyes Have It’ was the first DnB track that made him instantly fall in love with the genre.
In 2011 he moved to Vienna and started making mixes just for fun on his laptop, observing the DJs at raves, trying to learn their skills.
In 2014 he got the opportunity to play his debut gig at FLUC, which changed the trajectory of his career. After making more contacts with DJs and promoters, and after a lucky drunk message, he finally got the opportunity from ILLSKILLZ to prove himself.
He became a resident and crew member at HIGHSCORE at FLUC; a resident at BEAT IT at FLEX; and a member of #wirsindcybo - a crew founded by CYBERSHOT.
5HA5H’s sets are an energetic combination of the whole spectrum of Drum & Bass, mixed together to form an exciting adventure for the listener.


MISFIT MASSACRE - Born in southern Germany, now living in Mannheim, 20 year old Hannes Schütz, better known as Misfit Massacre, is making a name for himself in the dubstep scene. The aspiring producer and DJ currently studies music production at the Popakademie Mannheim, where amongst others, Virtual Riot has been studying before moving to America. In the recent years Misfit Massacre has been constantly exploring new styles and genres, but always ends up coming back to his roots of heavy dubstep, which he is mostly known for. Racking up millions of plays and thousands of followers, he is making his way out of the underground, and he is only getting started.


Hailing from Deva, Alex Chronic circulates in the local electronic music scene since 2008, and by his specific style and sound, he manages to raise and lower the tension on the dance floor with a mix of controlled electronic elements. An attitude and a positive selection is what makes his sets great by spreading a funky and dubwise vibe, he handles and beautifully combines with versatility rhythms of Drum and Bass, Trap, Broken Beats with Funk and even Hip Hop, Reggae and Dub.


Brevis,Bulgaria’s fastest rising trap/bass act has been consistently delivering some of the hard hitters. He’s certainly one of the acts which you need to dig and watch out for. His productions have a heavy influence of tribal trap which makes it extremely bass heavy.


Started almost 13 years ago by playing the violin, Szanto Denis always had a love for music, and wanted to be present on the big stages. Almost 5 years ago, he started to DJ, and since then, his career in music started to take off, playing festivals and clubs, in Romania and Europe, and sharing the stage with big names in the industry such as Steve Aoki, Salvatore Ganacci, KSHMR, Jessie J, and many others. His sets are diverse, and are not focusing on a single genre. He plays everything, from Electro House, to Hard Trap and Dubstep.


K-lu is a DJ and producer from Timisoara fond of musical genres such as: funk, hip hop and breaks.

With a unique style based on techniques of turntabalism, stands out easily through his dynamic mixes sprinkled with various special moments meant to bring an extra good mood on the dance floor.

Part of several projects and bands that come to perform in various jazz festivals in Timisoara or the philharmonic scene from Romania & abroad.

A touch of novelty are the audio-video shows and the first album entitled ‘chestii, socoteli’.

Dj Wicked

Music started running in Dj Wicked’s veins since he was just a child and, while the time passed, the need to share his passion with the world grew. This is why, in 2003 he joined his MC forces with the talent of Blazon Oneshot and they evolved as a local band in Cluj-Napoca.

After that he realized that his ambitions are far greater, he discovered the art of turntables and became part of the band called Anexa 1. Together they roamed the country, sharing the stage with great names of the hip-hop industry, like Paraziții and Da Hood.

In 2004 Dj Wicked met Dj Oxi and the artist says that he was the one to reveal to him the secrets of the job and he helped him discover himself as an artist.

This was only the beginning and his career is emerging since then. Now, his music is combined beautiful with Puya’s lyrics and throughout his career he collaborated with big names of this industry: Cabron, C.I.A, Bibanu, Vescan, Don Baxter, Cumicu, Guess Who, Doddy etc.

Dj Antenna

DJ ANTENNA is truly a Party Rocker and an Action DJ. Some call him "The Entertainment Machine!" because he is a living, breathing showman. Spreading energy and with a wide selection of music he will have you dancing in no time. Make sure you are wearing dancing shoes at his parties.

Since 2006 he is entertaining people at festivals, in clubs, pubs and in unconventional party places(busses, trains, trams or sailing boats) in Romania and Abroad. In 2016 you can catch DJ ANTENNA at Electric Castle Festival and otherfestivals as well. See you on the dance floor!


Pdbr, a.k.a Pedobear is a Cluj based, drum & bass DJ. Inspired by DJs like DJ Marky, Friction, DJ Randall, Andy C and many-many more, you’ll find out that he plays a wide variety of drum & bass, from the smooth, danceable brazilian style drum & bass to the punchy, in your face neurofunk..

Dj Shiver

Started 14 years ago making mixes for breakdance crews and playing audio-cassettes at parties with close friends, passed from CD players to turntables and from turntables to TRAKTOR systems, SHVR called SHIVER ended up as one of the most versatile Dj's in Romania and played on the same stages with high-ranked artists like: Skrillex, The Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Die Antword, Sigma, Dj Fresh, Delta Heavy, Wilkinson, Netsky, Ed Rush, James Zabiela and many others. His Dj Sets can be compared to stories with a calm introduction, a surprise and one mind blowing climax .Sets can contain up to 50 tracks in one hour and many music genres like: Electro-House, Techno, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, all of them under the name of THE SHIVER SHOW.








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